I recently experienced something that I have always wanted to do – I went skydiving for the first time in my life! Man, what a trip! (Or more precisely, what a fall.)

But before I jumped I had to do some basic training with my instructor. I also had to learn to trust him as well. After all, he did have my life in his hands.

When the plane that we were in reached a little over 10,000 feet the side door flipped open and there it was, heaven waiting for me to enter it! Since I was “attached” very close and very tightly to my instructor with a harness, any movements that we made had to be done in unison. Together, we crept up to the door – on our knees – and made our way to the very edge of the “exit row.” Hank started the exiting process by placing his right foot on the landing wheel housing — I had to follow suite. The next move was up to me – I had to pull my left leg out of the aircraft and place it beside my right foot on that same landing wheel housing. This I did while holding onto the wing strut that went from the bottom of the wing to the right side of the fuselage. My instructor then placed his left food beside mine. There we were — standing on a tiny landing wheel housing outside of an aircraft at 10,000 feet above the ground with the wind trying to rip us free, and me with another person strapped to my back.

“Ready! Set! Go!” And with that last word “Go!” I literally let go of the airplane strut that I was holding onto and put my trust in the man who was strapped to my back. Three somersaults later we flattened out into a free fall for 45 seconds descending at over 120 mph. What a rush! Then a tug – the parachute deployed and we descended the last 4,000 feet enjoying the sights of northern Texas.

In business, and in life in general, we all face those “just have to let go” moments. We all do! One of the keys to letting go is the ability to trust your “instructor” – whether it is your skydiving instructor or someone you trust and/or are close to you in your business or personal life — that one who is “tethered” to your back. We learn from our “instructors” and if he / she is a good one they will leave us with the tools, knowledge and confidence to succeed. So, find that right “instructor,” learn as much as you can from them, and don’t be afraid to “let go” at the right time. It is very rewarding and an unbelievable thrill!