The Tool Box

The master craftsman always seems to have the right tool for the job, no matter how challenging … or they can use something very commonplace and get it to do some remarkable things.  The same holds with Doug and his team at the Fryett Consulting Group.

The Fryett Consulting Group offers the following “standard” areas of specialization and the tools to get the job done.

Strategic Design & Implementation

"FOCUS 99"

Besides being a strategy development and implementation process, the “FOCUS 99” proprietary process is designed to effectively deal with several key issues that all companies face. Specifically, it helps organizations deal with the realities of the environment and makes sure that they are fully prepared to successfully perpetuate their past successes. Secondly, it helps organizations systematically plan for their future by taking into consideration all of those key internal and external factors that have a direct impact upon an organization’s success or failure. It also recognizes those “uncontrollable” factors that all organizations must be cognizant of if they are to successfully remain competitive in a highly dynamic and changing environment. And finally, the process provides clear guidance and structure for the implementation of a long-term strategic plan. A lot of companies can put a plan together, but very few of them actually implement it!

"FOCUS 99" - The Process – Strategic Design & Implementation

A strategy design and implementation process is at the heart of the FOCUS 99 process, but in fact, it is much more than that. It is a methodology designed to bridge the gap between organizational expectations and operational performance.

Why Plans/Initiatives Fail: So, why do plans fail? Why do organizations fail to meet their maximum potential? Well, research has shown that the vast majority of companies, and individuals, fail to achieve their plans because of the following six (6) factors:

Bridging the gap between expectations and performance is an issue and concern for all organizations – or, at the very least, it should be! Effective stewardship, continuous innovation, and leadership excellence can best be attained when all individuals within an organization are focused on a common purpose, or vision. The FOCUS 99 process provides a framework for building a clear and concise focus on a common purpose and an understanding of the basic roles and expectations of each member of the executive management team and their direct reports. It becomes even more effective when this process is driven down throughout the entire organization. This process ensures total team and individual alignment to the vision, goals, and objectives of an organization. It will bridge the gap between expectations and performance!

The implementation of the FOCUS 99 system will certainly place any organization in a leadership position with respect to innovative and organizational effectiveness. It will also ensure effective stewardship of company’s assets, and will act as a results-based performance measurement system.

The FOCUS 99 process provides a framework for building a clear understanding of the basic roles and expectations of each member of a management / leadership team. It also ensures cross-discipline team and individual alignment to the vision, goals, and objectives of any enterprise, resulting in greater productivity. In building the FOCUS 99 process, each individual involved will clarify their understanding of the organization’s expectations regarding their contribution.

This process also begins to build a web, which will be designed to establish a shared understanding between the various cross-discipline team members with respect to accountabilities, authorities, and goals. The net result will be a higher level of effective communication, coordination of efforts, and productivity. As an ongoing tool, the FOCUS 99 process will help an entire organization stay focused on the business priorities and achieves its strategic objectives. It will also help keep participants’ behaviors and activities continually aligned with an organization’s strategic needs, as change will continually affect all departments within a larger organization.

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"FOCUS 9" (the Lighter Version)

As you might surmise, FOCUS 9 is a much “lighter” version of the original FOCUS 99. Its primary focus is on a detailed review of the external and internal environments; a strategic look at those key, uncontrollable external drivers of change; a visit to the organization’s mission, vision / emotional goal; confirmation and / or reevaluation of the organization’s current strategy; and the establishment of a set of key business priorities in support of the existing or modified strategy.

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The Strategy Audit – A 30,000 ft. Perspective

Often the management team of an organization needs to sit back and reevaluate their current strategic approach to the markets they serve and how they can profitably grow their business. The primary objective of the “Strategy Audit” process is to critically evaluate a company’s chosen strategy. Does your company have the “correct” strategy given the strengths & weaknesses of the company, the dynamics of the food services industry, the core competencies of the organization, and the long-term vision of the company? Given your chosen strategy, have you put in place the correct business priorities, the right tactics, the right systems, and the right authority and accountability matrix to ensure that your strategy actually becomes a reality!? The Fryett Consulting Group’s Strategy Audit will provide answers to these and other closely related questions as well as provide a set of actionable recommendations.

The Process

In order to access and evaluate the current strategy and develop a series of recommendations, it will be important for the Fryett Consulting Group to gain a thorough understanding from the management team of the company in the following areas:

The Deliverables

The primary deliverables associated with this process are as follows:

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Market Research

Perception Gap Analysis – PGA – An Attitude & Usage Study

Quite simply put, perception IS reality. What your external constituents think and perceive of you is, in their mind, reality. And what you and your organization perceive is more often than not no more than mere wishful thinking! In essence, FCG’s Perception Gap Analysis is nothing more than “mirror, mirror on the wall” time!

The “Perception Gap Analysis” market research tool is a comprehensive evaluation of the marketplace’s acceptance and perception of current services and products that are being offered by an organization. This study is inclusive of brand awareness, quality perception, supplier performance, and use and application requirements by external constituents.

Once the marketplace’s perceptions of a company’s products, services, and strategies are ascertained, they are “compared” to those perceptions that are “held” by the senior management team of the company. Invariably there is a major “gap” between what the marketplace thinks and management’s perception of what the marketplace “thinks.” This perception gap is often the prime source for ill-conceived strategies and inappropriate actions, resulting in less than desirable results. Unless this “gap” is closed, the company will never be able to achieve its maximum potential. And in fact, as is often the case, see a significant decline in performance.

In addition to providing a detailed view of what and how the various external constituents perceive an organization, a series of recommended strategies are developed that are designed to “close” the gap between management’s perceptions and what the marketplace is really thinking.

Do You Need to Undertake a Perception Gap Analysis? Questions You Need to Ask Yourself:

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CPIP – Competitive & Product Intelligence Profiling

The “Competitive & Product Intelligence Profiling”(CPIP) process is specifically designed for organizations that are looking to possibly add several new items or products to their overall product offering, and/or “reintroduce” an existing product line. Before any investment is made to do so, it is extremely important that a company have a very clear picture of:

Objectives & Approach of CPIP

In order to obtain critical market data about a particular product category, the following four (4) key areas are thoroughly investigated:

1. Size of the Market / Market Potential / Market – Product Dynamics:

Some of the initial efforts would be centered on the size and dynamics of the marketplace. Specifically, the Fryett Consulting Group would:

2. Competitive Profile:

The following competitive information would be developed / ascertained as part of the Competitive & Product Intelligence Profiling analysis process.

A strategic overview of the various players within a particular category:

A detailed look at the various “go-to-market” strategies, including:

A detailed product comparison:

3. Marketplace Perceptions: (Product & Current Players)

Understanding exactly what and how the marketplace “feels” and / or perceives a particular product category, and the various players within that category, can significantly influence any potential new entrant’s strategy, and ultimately their corresponding level of success. With this thought in mind, the following marketplace perceptions will be obtained as part of the Competitive & Product Intelligence Profiling analysis process:

Dealer community perceptions of:

Service agency perceptions of: (where applicable)

Foodservice Design Consultant perceptions of:

4. Barriers to Entry for New Entrants:

What are the various potential “barriers to entry” that a company might face when contemplating the introduction of a new product category? This needs to be ascertained from the perspective of the various channel constituents as well as from the end-user / operator point of view.

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Voice of the Customer (VoC) – It’s Time to “Listen Up!”

Without thoroughly understanding your customers’ needs, their issues & concerns, “what keeps them up at night,” and their perceptions of you, how can any organization mount an effective and plausible go-forward strategy? In simple terms, you can’t! As such, Voice of the Customer research is critical in helping organizations develop and implement their go-forward strategies. Obtaining candid insight obtained from a third-party firm like the FCG will provide invaluable information and insight into what your customers are really thinking.

VoC research will help your organization:

Customers are the only reason why you are still in business. To remain success one needs to thoroughly understand what it is your customers are thinking, and doing.

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Industry Dynamics & Strategic Opportunities – Global & “Local” Perspectives

So, what’s going on in the industry? What are those various industry dynamics that are taking place that could, or are, affecting my organization? What are those industry dynamics that are affecting, or will affect the macro and micro strategies of our industry and all of its various constituents? If you don’t know then how can you design and implement an effective strategy? In short, you can’t.

The vast international reach and experience of the Fryett Consulting Group allows it to “pull” information from various resources – both qualitative and quantitative in nature – to help companies identify and take advantage of those strategic inflection points that will have a significant impact, not only on your company, but for the industry as a whole. Understanding those key industry dynamics and corresponding strategic opportunities is just one more “piece of the puzzle” in the development of a long-term, successful strategy.

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Focus Groups

Focus groups are a very useful market research tool that can be used for the gathering of a myriad of “data points.” Specifically, you can use a focus group to: name but a few.

The Fryett Consulting Group has extensive experience and knowledge associated with conducting successful focus groups. Its vast industry knowledge, unbiased approach, and facilitation skills will provide you with the information and data points to help you make the right strategic decisions.

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Meeting Facilitation

I am sure that you participate in may meetings in your company during the course of a day, or week. Many of those meetings are more likely than not “designed” to determine the future direction and course of your organization.

But poor meetings will lead to poor decisions.

Poor decisions will lead to poor strategies.

And poor strategies will lead to poor execution of those poor strategies.

Poor strategy execution will lead to poor, unacceptable results.

The Fryett Consulting Group excels at meeting facilitation so that companies can garner maximum results from their meeting efforts. The FCG’s ability to keep people focused; bring multiple and often divergent thoughts and ideas together; effectively and equally engage all meeting participants; vast industry knowledge and experience; and an unbiased approach to a subject, will result in actionable. Meaningful meetings.

The Fryett Consulting Group facilitates the following types of meetings: name but a few.

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Event Speaker

Because of Doug Fryett’s vast industry knowledge and experience, both domestically and internationally, he is often called upon to speak at various industry events, corporate gatherings, and the like. His “casual” and engaging (often story-telling) approach to delivering his material results in greater audience attention, and thus greater retention. Doug speaks on numerous subjects ranging from industry specific material to higher level contemporary strategic and managerial topics.