The Fryett Consulting Group is unique in its experience, diversity of markets served, international perspective, ability to identify strategic opportunities and successfully address their organizational challenges. The primary focus of the Fryett Consulting Group is to uniquely employ contemporary management thinking and processes to today’s management challenges.

FCG has been retained by a multitude of the most prominent organizations and companies in the food/foodservice, hospitality and healthcare industries.

The Man with The Vision...

...and president, Douglas K. Fryett, founded his consulting practice in 1989 after holding several senior management positions in the food service industry. Doug’s areas of expertise include business strategy development, market analysis, market research, and “voice of the customer” assessment. He has extensive experience working with Boards, CEOs, and senior management teams in organizational change processes and strategy development and strategy implementation systems.

Founded in 1989

The Fryett Consulting Group has provided Strategic Positioning consulting with clients principally in the food services / hospitality industry and the healthcare industry in the U.S., as well as other countries throughout the world. As an adjunct to his consulting practice, Doug spent most of the year 2000 in New York City working with, a web site that catered specifically to the foodservice industry. This experience gave him a tremendous insight into the potential impact of the Internet on the foodservice industry, along with the hard learned “do’s” and “don’ts” of developing an Internet / web-based strategies.

First Book

Doug recently had his first book published (An Introduction to the Food Service Industry), along with several different business articles in a highly respected industry and business magazines. Earlier in his career, he was the Vice President of Marketing & Strategy for the food service division of a major Fortune 100 company where he gained extensive background in strategic planning, sales and marketing.

Beyond Work

Beyond work, Doug is an avid and accomplished wildlife photographer. The international scope of Fryett Consulting Group work, has taken him to virtually every corner of the earth and the opportunity to photograph an incredible diversity of wildlife. Click here to view an image gallery of Doug’s photography. Note: All images ©2013 Douglas K. Fryett