Hrvoje Svelee, Restaurant Leut

Hrvoje Svelee, Restaurant LeutAnd Doug’s first “Outstanding Server” is Hrvoje Svelee who works at Restaurant Leut ( in Cavtat, Croatia, a small resort town about 20 km south of Dubrovnik. So, what makes Hrvoje the first server of the month? Well, where should I begin? Hrjoje’s knowledge of the local food (a rather large selection of locally caught fish and fresh vegetables) was impeccable. And he was able to suggest locally produced wines that truly were amazing. But it was his fine attention to detail and his attentiveness to our needs (there were four of us dining with him) without being intrusive, that made all of us feel that we were experiencing something very special in a server. The entire experience was so good that we went back for lunch and dinner two days in a row! So Hrvoje, congratulations on being our very first “Outstanding Server.” There are very few like you, but they should all aspire to reach your standards of excellence!

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