Dejan Miskic, AWASI Resort

Dejan Miskic, AWASI ResortDoug’s next “Outstanding Server” is Dejan Miskic who works as a server and beverage manager at the AWASI resort ( in San Pedro de Atacama in northern Chile.

While visiting this resort for eight days this past December, we had a great opportunity to meet and learn more about our selection for our next Outstanding Server. First off, it is important to know that Dejan has a unique history and background. Without going into a lot of details, he was born and raised in Croatia, where was forced to leave during that country’s civil war. Eventually finding his way to South America he started working on cruise ships in the beverage and food service departments where he met the love of his life, a Peruvian lady, whom he eventually married.

So, what makes Dejan Miskic the Fryett Consulting Group’s next Outstanding Server? After eight days of interacting with the staff of a small resort (the facility only had eight individual huts) one is able to get to see how well they “work” with their clientele as well as their co-workers. It was very obvious from our very first interaction with Dejan that he was a “star” in our minds. Taking on the dual role of a server and as the bar / beverage manager, he was very quick to point out to us that if he didn’t have what we wanted to drink he would make sure that he got it. The first sign of a customer centric server.

Every day during our stay Dejan was extremely attentive to both our drinking and eating needs. When he asked my wife what my favourite cocktail was (a mango margarita) he went to the local market, found some fresh mangos, brought them back to the resort, peeled and pureed the mangos, and made me a mango margarita!! Now how customer centric is that?! And as you can imagine, that was just the tip of the iceberg with respect to his display of true professionalism. He knew the correct wine pairings for the various entrees that we had; he “learned” from our various interactions and began to successfully anticipate our dining and beverage needs; and on top of that he was able to intelligently converse with us on a whole host of industry related topics. What a treat that was!

Dejan aspires to advance himself in the industry. I can tell you with a great deal of confidence that he will most definitely do so as he applies his sensitivity and attentiveness to his customers’ needs through everything he says and does. We certainly look forward to having Dejan Miskic serve us again someday.

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