Leon Klop, Aromi

Leon Klop, AromiDoug’s latest addition to his “Outstanding Server” list is Leon Klop who works at an exceptional Italian seafood restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic called “Aromi” (www.aromi.cz).

So, what qualifies Leon to become a “member” of the Fryett Consulting Group’s group of outstanding servers? Before I get into that, a very brief background on Leon.

Leon is from the Netherlands and over the years has become accomplished at speaking five different languages – fluently I might add! He spent several years working on a cruise ship where, as he says, he “learned the art of working hard and partying hard.” A wife and a yearning to slow down his global travelling resulted in Leon docking his career in Prague -- and are we pleased with his decision.

From the moment that he introduced himself we knew that we had a real professional taking care of us. Besides being very friendly and personable, Leon showed a genuine interest in our eating “tastes.” Being seafood lovers, and since Aromi is very much a seafood restaurant, Leon started questioning us on our seafood likes and dislikes and offered up some suggestions based upon what feedback he received from us. In other words, he was actually “listening” to his customers and their wants and desires – something which, I believe, is rather rare with most servers today. And his knowledge of the product that he was presenting was first rate. He seemed to have an outstanding knowledge of the numerous species of fish that were on the menu (or should I say on the fresh seafood display platter that he brought to our table) as well as other menu items that he felt would pair rather well with our seafood choices. Leon also demonstrated a wonderful sense of humour in his interactions with us. This is a very important, but often overlooked, skill that makes most modern day restaurant patrons feel more at ease and hence more trusting of their server.

We enjoyed our total experience so much that we decided to return the following evening. But with one condition and that was that Leon had to be our server. Our second experience at Aromi was equally as great as our first due in major part to the professionalism of our outstanding server – Leon Klop. Thank-you for being the professional that you are.

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