Horia Muriel Hebert, Frank’s Pizza Poletana & William B. Steakhouse

Horia Muriel Hebert, Frank’s Pizza Poletana & William B. SteakhouseDoug’s next “Outstanding Server” is Horia Muriel Hebert who works at not one, but two excellent restaurants in Shreveport, Louisiana – Frank’s Pizza Poletana (www.frankspizzapoletana.com) and the fine dining William B. Steakhouse at the Sam Town Casino (www.samstownshreveport.com/dine/william-bs-steakhouse).

So, what makes Horia the Fryett Consulting Group’s next Outstanding Server? Well, to understand Horia you have to understand where she comes from -- the heart of fine cuisine – France! Several years ago she immigrated to the United States from her native France with her husband, a classically trained gourmet chef, and established a very fine dining restaurant in Shreveport, Louisiana. (Yes, they thought that they could improve upon Cajun cooking, and they did!) Their restaurant became nationally recognized within a very short period of time.

Today, Horia finds herself in demand to work as a server for many different establishments in Louisiana. But what makes her so unique among servers? To start with, she absolutely loves food! She is so passionate about it, and it shows every single time she walks up to your table and introduces herself to you. And this passion of hers for food is very infectious – one cannot help but get “captured” by her enthusiasm. Horia’s attention to detail is impeccable – from her knowledge of the menu, wine pairings, making sure that you have the correct cutlery for the food being served to you, to making sure that the food you receive exceeds your expectations – she does it all.

Every time we got to one of the restaurants that she works at, we will always make sure that she is “our” server. We will even change our evening “date night” just so we can have her as part of our dining experience. So Horia, congratulations on attaining the ranks of our “Outstanding Servers”. You truly make our dining experiences with you “magnifique!!”

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