Scott Berkman, Ellerbe Fine Foods

Scott Berkman, Ellerbe Fine FoodsDoug’s next “Outstanding Server” is Scott Berkman who works at one of our favourite restaurants in the country – Ellerbe Fine Foods in Fort Worth, Texas (

We have eaten at this very fine restaurant four times within the past 10 months (our fifth time will be this January 9th) and after our first visit there, subsequent visits were predicated upon having Scott as our server.

As a former restaurateur himself, Scott knows how important top-notch service is for the success of any food service establishment. And he certainly exemplifies that!

Scott is extremely affable, no matter how you define this word. He makes you feel at ease from the very moment that he starts to interact with you.

Scott has impeccable knowledgeable about food in general, but particularly so about the items that are appearing on Ellerbe Fine Foods’ menu for that evening. He describes in detail the various dishes, the flavours one can expect, in many cases, the origins of the food, and something extremely important, what wine, or wines, would enhance the dining experience.

Scott’s recommendations have proven to be nothing short of “culinary surprises” for us. For instance, during one of our visits to the restaurant, Scott recommended that we try the pheasant that was prepared in a very unique way. Doing so would take us out of our traditional comfort zone, even though we are rather “adventurous” when it comes to food. Anyway, we took a leap of faith based upon Scott’s suggestion and had an exceptional meal and experience. His experiences with us has allowed him to “learn” our likes and dislikes and as such make appropriate menu suggestions for us.

To say that Scott is an excellent server is an understatement. He exemplifies what a professional waiter should be. All restaurants should aspire to have a “Scott” as part of their team. And that is one of the reasons why Ellerbe Fine Foods is one of our very favourite places to eat. Thank-you Scott.

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