Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

We are very fortunate to have a second home (and a second office) on this beautiful jewel of an island located just off the south-east coast of Vancouver Island. One of the many things that we find very attractive about “our jewel” is the quality of its food, and in particular the vast amounts of organic foods available to individuals and all of the local food service establishments. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! From all types of proteins (beef, pork, lamb, fowl, etc.) to a generous selection of wild-caught seafood, to a variety of vegetables that would even put Whole Foods to shame. In short, the island and the vast majority of its 10,000 residents have embraced the “organic life” and actively practice agricultural sustainability. One of the major hotels on the island has its own 2 ½ acre organic farm which produces all of the produce necessary for its year-round operations. And they also sell their produce to the general population of the island as well. Even the island’s school has aggressively embraced this trend by developing its own organic vegetable garden with the produce being used daily in its cafeteria. I could go on and on about the island and its dedication to developing a vibrant, sustainable, and organic agricultural community, but I think you need to go there and experience it yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

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Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada 48.816662, -123.508875

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